Cobb EMC Board

Here are your 9 board members, first elected on November 12, 2011, March 31, 2012, and April 21, 2012:


Ed Crowell – Area 1 (Governance Committee Chair)

Rudy Underwood – Area 2 (Audit Committee Chair)

Kelly Bodner – Area 3 (Public Affairs & Education Committee Chair)

David McClellan – Area 4 (Budget & Finance Committee Chair)

Tripper Sharp – Area 5 (Board Vice Chairman & Operational Efficiency Task Force Chair)

David Tennant – Area 6 (Energy portfolio Committee Chair)

Malcolm Swanson – Area 7 (Secretary/Treasurer & Human Resource Committee Chair)

Bryan Boyd – Area 8 (Board Chairman)

Eric Broadwell – Area 9 (Affiliated Transactions Committee Chair)

To see other  assignments of Directors to affiliated companies and as voting delegates click here.

How do I serve on the Cobb EMC board?

To serve on the Cobb EMC board of directors, you must go through a nominating process and are then voted on by the membership as a whole at the annual members’ meeting. Details regarding the nomination process can be found in section 3.07 of the Cobb EMC Bylaws.