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Dear Fellow Cobb EMC Member-Owners,

Election Message

I have actively supported reforms at Cobb EMC since 2008, working to restore the operation and management of Cobb EMC to ethical and fiscal responsibility. I attended court hearings representing members during the derivative lawsuit that mandated dissolving Cobb Energy and returning the assets to our EMC. During the initial elections of our new Board, I was a founding member of the Cobb EMC Owners Association and also personally founded the EMC Customers Alliance, organizations providing leadership in the election of the new board members and in the development of the new Cobb EMC Bylaws. After those elections, Take Back Cobb EMC and the EMC Customers Alliance were combined to form the Cobb EMC Forum. I am an officer of the Cobb EMC Forum, a position I will resign upon election to the Cobb EMC Board of Directors.

During the past three years, I represented Cobb EMC member-owners as a plaintiff in the capital credits class-action lawsuit. This action resulted in over 90,000 claims for over $80 million of capital credits owed to current and past member-owners of Cobb EMC. There existed no viable plan for retiring capital credits and bringing the rotation for payout of capital credits back to an industry recognized interval. Now the payout of capital credits has an agreed to payout interval of 24½ years and the financial strength of Cobb EMC is closer to where it was before so much money was wasted and lost on the many business ventures of Cobb Energy. This class-action lawsuit provided for significant payouts to organizations like our Cobb and Cherokee County Schools and to local businesses. And there are payouts of well over $1000 to long time residential member-owners of Cobb EMC, money timely received by those whom had already waited way too long.

I am dedicated to the concept that member involvement will insure that Cobb EMC continues to serve the best interests of its member-owners and that principled leadership will keep Cobb EMC at the forefront of the utilities industry. I feel I can now best serve the member-owners of Cobb EMC by joining the board of directors. The reforms I have worked to bring about have moved Cobb EMC to a greatly improved position of financial strength and have provided it with bylaws that provide greater member-owner protections. However, there is still more to be done in bylaw reforms, especially in the area of the Member Bill of Rights. There is also more to be done with respect to improvement in company structure and operations to assure reliable electric service at the lowest possible cost and to further improve the financial strength of our EMC. I also maintain that a strong, dedicated and appropriately compensated workforce is the foundation of the future success of Cobb EMC, and it must not be overlooked as our EMC is reformed. And now with the forensic audit completed, there is much work I can do to assure all possible action is taken to pursue all evidence of misdeeds to maximize benefits to member-owners.


I have been a resident of Cobb County for over 30 years and a member of Cobb EMC for over 20 years. I have over 36 years of business leadership experience in the USA and internationally in various management positions of increasing accountability with business unit management and profit responsibility. My broad experience includes engineering, accounting, finance, human resources, manufacturing, customer service, product development, market development, product marketing, and sales. I have industry-wide experience as an Area Vice President at AT&T along with time spent at Sonoco Products Corporation, OFS (a Furakawa Electric company), Conklin Corporation, Carbon Motors, and Penn Mutual. I also published “LifeSpan Financial Mapping” in 2007, a book available from Amazon books in hardback and on Kindle.


Executive Program Certificate (EPC) – Penn State University, Smeal School of Business
Masters in Business Administration (MBA) – Georgia Tech, Scheller College of Business
Bachelor of Mechanical Engineering (BME) – Georgia Tech, College of Engineering

Family & Community

I have been married to my lovely wife for over 40 years, have three children, and reside in the Sibley Forest Subdivision. I am an active member in the community and a member of Holy Family Catholic Church. As the first chairman of the homeowners association of my
subdivision, I managed the transfer of ownership and control of the association from developers to residents. I am a leader in the Georgia Tech Executive Network of Cobb County and a member of the Georgia Tech Alumni Organization. I am also a member of the Kettering Executive Network, which is an Atlanta based networking organization for senior level executives. My hobbies include golfing, snow skiing, playing bridge, motorsports and writing.

My Pledge

I pledge:
• to enhance our Bylaws to protect member-owner interests,
• to continue action on all evidence of misdeeds revealed in the forensic audit,
• to improve operations to insure reliable electric service at the lowest possible cost,
• to maintain the principle of strong member involvement at Cobb EMC, and
• to provide leadership and direction when the board faces tough decisions.

My broad business, life and community experiences have clearly prepared me to bring valuable insights to the Board of Directors of Cobb EMC and to provide strong leadership in my role as your representative on your EMC Board.

Your dedicated representative,

Jim Hudson