Upcoming Elections

Watch for your ballot in the mail or your email from Cobb EMC. 


Ad with Blue for WebpageElections for the Cobb EMC Director seats for Districts 3 and 9 will take place between now and the September 19th Annual Member Meeting. Members will be able to vote in advance of the Annual Meeting either by mail-in ballot or online. Members can also vote at the Annual Meeting.

Cobb EMC Forum recommends a vote for Jim Hudson (click here for Jim’s platform) for District 3 and a vote for Jackson Hartman for District 9. (click here for Jack’s platform)

 In addition to the two contested Director elections, there are four bylaw amendments up for Member vote. Members worked with the current Cobb EMC Board on an ad-hoc committee to draft the three bylaw amendments that are sponsored by the Board of Directors. The fourth bylaw amendment was sponsored by Cobb EMC Forum President, Mark Hackett.

The Forum recommends a YES vote on all four bylaw amendments. Click here to read details on the bylaw amendments.

If you are registered online at CobbEMC.com you should have already received an email from Cobb EMC Election Services with a pin number and instructions for online voting. Even if you aren’t registered online you will receive information through regular mail. Paper ballots started going out on August 12th. If you have lost or don’t receive your ballot you can call Cobb EMC Election Services at (866) 720-4357 during business hours Monday thru Friday 9 a.m. – 5 p.m. to get your voting materials

If you have your PIN and the last 6 digits of your Cobb EMC account number you can click here to vote now.

You can also vote in person at the September 19 Annual Member Meeting. Click here for details.