AJC: Charges to be dropped against ex-Cobb EMC chief Dwight Brown 10/25/2016

A Cobb County judge has said he plans to dismiss the remaining charges against former Cobb EMC CEO Dwight Brown, five years after the executive was accused of defrauding the Marietta utility of millions of dollars. Click here for the full Atlanta Journal-Constitution article

MDJ: Five years later, case against former Cobb EMC head closes 10/22/2016

A Cobb judge last week dismissed the last of the charges against former Cobb EMC President Dwight Brown, putting an end to a five-year prosecution that never saw a jury.

Indicted on 35 counts in 2011 and accused of racketeering and theft related to the way he ran the utility co-operative, Brown’s legal team chipped away at the charges against him, with the final seven set to be dismissed after a hearing this past Tuesday. Click here for the full MDJ article (subscription required)

Cobb EMC Forum: 2016 EMC Elections Completed

The 2016 Cobb EMC elections were completed at the Annual Meeting at Jim R. Miller Park on September 17, 2016. Click here for the full election results.

Dwight Brown Prosecution Delayed Again 2/18/2016

On February 18, Judge Robert Flournoy removed Cobb District Attorney Vic Reynolds from prosecuting former Cobb EMC CEO Dwight Brown, potentially delaying the trial another 9 months. The 35 felony charges relating to Mr. Brown’s actions as CEO of Cobb EMC were first brought in 2011, but the case has languished in the face of numerous appeals filed by Brown’s defense attorney, former Georgia Governor Roy Barnes. Members have previously raised concerns that presiding Judge Flournoy was appointed by former Governor Barnes in 2000. Click here to see WSB TV coverage of this development.