Cobb EMC Forum: 2015 Cobb EMC Election Results 9/29/2015

The Cobb EMC Annual Member Meeting on September 19, 2015 saw the completion of voting for three Cobb EMC director seats and four amendments to the Cobb EMC bylaws. Cobb EMC Forum was disappointed that the two non-incumbent candidates it endorsed were defeated by incumbents Kelly Bodner in District 3 and Eric Broadwell in District 9. The Forum congratulates all three incumbents for their reinstatement as directors and looks forward to working with the entire Cobb EMC Board going forward.

Cobb EMC Forum is very pleased to report that all four proposed bylaw amendments were passed by Member vote. These amendments significantly enhance Member rights by (1) strengthening the Member Bill of Rights, (2) enhancing conflict of interest provisions for EMC Directors, (3) allowing Members to hear from candidates for Director and bylaw amendment sponsors at future annual meetings prior to the closing of voting and (4) insuring that all Director meetings where a quorum of Directors is present are open to Member attendance. Click here for the full election results and commentary

Cobb EMC Forum: Upcoming EMC Board Election 8/14/2015

Between now and September 19, 2015, three Cobb EMC Board of Director seats in Districts 2, 3 and 9 are up for election. There are also four proposed bylaw amendments that enhance ethics and Member rights. Emails from Cobb EMC Election Services have already been sent and paper ballots are in the mail to all Cobb EMC Members. Click here for all the details about the upcoming elections. Click here for details about the proposed bylaw amendments.

The Forum endorses two candidates running against incumbents: Jim Hudson running against incumbent Kelly Bodner in District 3 (click here for Jim’s platform) and Jack Hartman (click here for Jack’s platform) running against incumbent Eric Broadwell in District 9. Both candidates running against incumbents are dedicated to an open and transparent Board of Directors and insuring that Cobb EMC is focused on providing the most competitive electric service to its Member/Owners.

Incumbent Rudy Underwood is running unopposed for District 2 and the Forum supports his candidacy and his work as a director over the last three years.

MDJ: Second Opinion – EMC members deserve more than superficial transparency 8/6/2015


In a guest column July 21, Bryan Boyd, Chairman of the Board at Cobb EMC, took issue with former Congressman Fletcher Thompson’s concerns about transparency at the EMC. While the situation is greatly changed from where it was under the leadership of former CEO Dwight Brown, much care must be taken to assure continued progress. No one should be content with a job half done and Fletcher Thompson has once again stepped forward to remind us that a fully protective Member Bill of Rights has not yet been realized.Click here for more

AJC: COBB EMC SCANDAL – DA to study Cobb utility audit 6/23/2015

Misconduct at Cobb EMC more pervasive than previously known. An internal audit for Cobb EMC found that “self-dealing and conflicts of interest abounded” at the Marietta utility during the tenure of indicted ex-CEO Dwight Brown, ultimately costing the member-owned EMC hundreds of millions of dollars.Click here for more

MDJ: ‘Financial sins’: Forensic audit unveils details of Cobb EMC racketeering saga 6/19/2015

A yearlong forensic audit found — among other things — that former Cobb EMC CEO Dwight Brown and his wife, Mary Ellen Brown, collected from Cobb EMC about $21.3 million between 1996 and 2011. Click here for more (requires subscription)

MDJ: Download your own copy of the forensic audit

Click here to download a PDF copy of the Cobb EMC audit