Cobb EMC Forum: Capital Credit Settlement is Good News for Cobb EMC Members-12/6/2013

More good news for Cobb EMC Member/Owners as Cobb EMC has settled a long running lawsuit regarding refund of Capital Credits to Member/Owners. Members must submit claim forms to the court appointed administrator Garden City Group, Inc. by February 10, 2014 to receive their refunds, many of which will be several hundred dollars or more. Click here for the application to receive your settlement.

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MDJ: Cobb EMC Reaches $98 Million Settlement-10/11/13

A nearly four-year, bitterly fought civil lawsuit has resulted in a staggering $98 million settlement to be paid out to nearly 1 million of Cobb EMC’s current and former members. Click here for more (subscription required)

Cobb EMC Forum: Cobb EMC’s Sale of Pataula District is Great News for 170,000 North Metro Atlanta Members-10/5/2013

The vast majority of Cobb EMC Members will be pleased to learn that Cobb EMC has announced the sale of the 5,500 Member Pataula District to Diverse Power of Lagrange, Georgia (formerly Troup EMC). The thinking behind the original merger of Cobb and Pataula EMCs was always perplexing with the only apparent benefit to Cobb EMC being the acquisition of Pataula’s vote (and thereby additional influence) on the Boards of Oglethorpe Power, Georgia Transmission Company and Georgia System Operations Company, all of whom provide services to EMCs throughout Georgia. The sale of the Pataula District solves a distracting geographical service problem over 5 counties in southwest Georgia and allows Cobb EMC to better focus on service to the more than 170,000 Member/Owners in the contiguous north metro Atlanta area. Kudos to the Cobb EMC Board of Directors for making this happen.

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Cuthbert Southern Tribune: Cobb EMC Announces Sale of Pataula District-10/3/13

James Hulsey, Senior Vice President, Pataula District for Cobb EMC, has announced plans for the sale of the Pataula District to Diverse Power of LaGrange, Georgia with a target date of December 31st of this year. Click here for more

Cobb EMC Forum: Cobb EMC’s 75th Annual Meeting: Much Progress, Some Negatives-9/21/2013

Members voted in record numbers in advance of the Cobb EMC 75th Annual Member Meeting passing a Member Bill of Rights. Of five bylaw amendments up for Member vote, three were proposed by Cobb EMC Members and two were proposed by the Cobb EMC Board.  On a very positive note, for the first time in Cobb EMC history, Members were able to vote on-line or through mail-in ballot in advance of the meeting. Mark Hackett, President of Cobb EMC Forum, spoke at the meeting, praising the Cobb EMC Board for the great progress they have made while at the same time urging Members to stay active and vigilant in the EMC to avoid falling into the problems of the past. Hackett noted that there have been 2 rate reductions since the new Board of Directors were elected. One negative note marred the voting when the Cobb EMC Board of Directors used their Member mailing list to send out recommendations to vote “no” on two of the Member proposals on at least two occasions. Hackett expressed concern that the Board failed to allow both positions to be presented. Click here for a full transcript of Hackett’s remarks. Click here for detailed voting results on proposed by-law amendments.

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MDJ: Cobb EMC members vote in record numbers to pass bill of rights-9/22/13

After 75 years of annual meetings, the Cobb Electric Membership Corp. had a record turnout of about 600 people at Saturday’s event at Jim R. Miller Park during the North Georgia State Fair.

For the first time, Cobb EMC allowed for advanced voting online and by mail on bylaw amendments that govern the Marietta-based cooperative. Click here for more (subscription required)

Cobb EMC Forum issues press release regarding bylaw changes to be voted on by Members-8/23/13

Cobb EMC has published the ballots for the upcoming annual Member meeting containing 5 proposed bylaw changes. The Cobb EMC Forum encourages Members to vote “yes” on all 5 proposals. Members can vote by mail, over the internet, or in person at the September 21st meeting at the North Georgia State Fair. Click here for the press release

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MDJ: Cobb awaits ruling against former EMC head-7/6/13

The Cobb County District Attorney’s Office is awaiting a Georgia Supreme Court decision on whether to uphold an appeals court ruling related to a laundry list of charges against former Cobb EMC CEO Dwight Brown. Click here for more (subscription required)