MDJ: EMC members to vote on ‘cleanest set’ of bylaws-9/6/12

Customers of Cobb Electric Membership Cooperative will be asked to approve totally rewritten bylaws at the first regular members meeting in years on Sept. 15 at Piedmont Church. Click here for more

MDJ: Support asked for EMC bylaw changes-9/5/12

DEAR EDITOR: At the annual meeting on Sept. 15 at Piedmont Church, Cobb EMC member-owners will vote on a new set of bylaws proposed by the Cobb EMC board of directors. Click here for more

MDJ: EMC chief: ‘Whole world has flipped’-5/13/12

New Cobb EMC board chairman Ed Crowell and CEO Chip Nelson sat down with Journal editors this week to discuss the nonprofit electric membership cooperative. The Marietta-based utlity has just come through four years of a member-led litigation that resulted in the complete turnover of the 10-member board of directors. Click here for more

MDJ: Small, collegial crowd greets new Cobb EMC board members-4/25/12

Ed Crowell, chariman of the all-new Cobb EMC board of directors, unveiled the utility’s new logo Tuesday night before a crowd of about 100 members gathered for the first town hall meeting. Crowell also announced that some capital credits would be paid in coming months to members from the 1950s. Click here for more

MDJ: Runoff election caps complete turnover of Cobb EMC board-4/22/12

Cobb EMC members split their votes between slates for seats on the utility’s board of directors, electing Tripper Sharp and David McClellan in the utility’s first-ever runoff elections Saturday. Click here for more

MDJ: Ads add political overtones to Saturday’s EMC runoffs-4/20/12

An unprecedented runoff election will be held Saturday for two more seats on the Cobb Electric Membership Corporation board of directors.Click here for more

AJC: Judge upholds ruling against ex-CEO of Cobb EMC-4/4/12

Once again former Cobb EMC chief Dwight Brown is at the losing end of court battle of his work at the Marietta co-op. Click here for more

MDJ: Schuster: Brown’s consulting wasn’t OK-4/4/12

Tuesday’s hearing before Judge Steven Schuster regarding Dwight Brown’s consulting contract with Cobb EMC was unlike any previous hearings involving the utility and a handful of members who sued the utility in 2007. Click here for more

MDJ: How does EMC move forward?-4/2/12

The new directors of Cobb EMC now have the task of moving the electric membership cooperative forward and getting past the ugliness and distrust the grew out of the 2007 lawsuit. Click here for more

MDJ: Four new Cobb EMC directors elected-4/1/12

Four more seats on the Cobb EMC board of directors are now in new hands, and two more will be settled in unprecedented runoff elections on April 21. Click here for more

TBCE: VOTE Saturday in FINAL Round of EMC Elections-3/28/12

The final round of elections has arrived and it’s time for us to vote for new and accountable leadership on the Cobb EMC Board of Directors. Click here for more

MDJ: Elections for 6 EMC directors set for Saturday-3/25/12

The final round of director elections for Cobb EMC will be next Saturday at Piedmont Church in east Cobb. And even though none of the final four incumbents are seeking re-election, interested members and the plaintiffs to the 2007 lawsuit have split and are supporting separate slates of candidates. Click here for more

MDJ: Dissension continues at latest EMC meeting-3/15/12

Charles Sevier, a GMAC retiree, won the endorsement of the Cobb EMC Owner’s Association on Tuesday night in his bid for the Area 5 seaon on the utility’s board of directors. Click here for more

MDJ: Controversy tinges EMC group’s vote vet sessions-3/10/12

Dissension and controversy has erupted out of the Cobb EMC Owners Association meetings this week, during which five candidates were endorsed for the utility’s March 31 director elections. Click here for more

MDJ: Brown seeks $1.8 million from Cobb EMC-2/28/12

Cobb EMC’s former CEO Dwight Brown is demanding the utility pay him the $1.8 million balance of his $13,800 per week, three-year consulting contract, a dispute the sides are arguing in arbitration. Click here for more 

MDJ: Two longterm directors to step down-2/16/12

The last two holdouts on the Cobb EMC board have announced they will not seek re-election on March 31. Johnny Gresham and Kay Anderson announced that they will step down when their terms end. Click here for more

TBCE: Transparency Begins at Cobb EMC-1/29/12

In another triumph for transparency, reform, and sound fiscal judgment, the Cobb EMC board of directors cut funding to the controversial coal-fired Plant Washington and enacted a series of transparency measures at its board meeting last week. Click here for more

MDJ: Cobb EMC board chairman to exit March 1-1/27/12

Cobb EMC announced Thursday that longtime board chairman Larry Chadwick will resign effective March 1, one month before he was scheduled to exit the board he has served on for nearly 30 years. Click here for more

MDJ: EMC backs out of plan to build coal-fired plan-1/25/12

Cobb EMC’s board of directors voted Tuesday to stop financing its share in a consortium intending to build a huge coal-fired power plant known as Plant Washington. Click here for more

AJC: Cobb EMC ends involvement in coal plant-1/24/12

Cobb EMC’s board of directors voted Tuesday to end the electric co-op’s involvement in development of the proposed Plant Washington coal plant. Click here for more

MDJ: Time for Cobb EMC to Stop Plant Washington Now-1/22/12

The members of the Board of Directors of Cobb EMC have an opportunity to put on the last vestiges of the Dwight Brown scandal behind us on January 24th and end the ill conceived plan to puild Plant Washington.Click here for more

MDJ: Don McKee: EMC should put brakes on bids and plans for Plant Washington-1/13/12

The newly elected directors of Cobb EMC should put the brakes on any bid soliciting for future power supplies and plants to build coal-fired Plant Washington near Sandersville in east central Georgia. Click here for more

MDJ: Cobb EMC’s pursuit cools on coal-fired power plant-1/12/12

Cobb EMC’s interest in building the coal-fired Plant Washington appears to be dead, and the company has begun soliciting bids for its future power supplies. Click here for more

MDJ: Flournoy upholds new charges against Dwight Brown-1/5/12

Judge Robert E. Flournoy III has upheld the second criminal indictment against former Cobb EMC head Dwight Brown. Click here for more