TBCE: TBCE’s 2011 Year In Review-12/29/11

What a year it has been! From indictments to elections, 2011 was chock full of news and excitement for Cobb EMC members who finally began to reform and repair the long-suffering co-op. Take Back Cobb EMC was here for it all and today we’re going back to review the year that was. Click here for more

MDJ: Cobb EMC elections combined to March 31-12/23/11

Cobb EMC members will elect directors during a single, combined meeting on March 31 at Piedmont Church, according to a consent agreement that Superior Court Judge Stephen Schuster signed on Thursday. Just four weeks ago, company leaders had insisted they preferred two seperate elections. Click here for more

AJC: Final rounds of Cobb EMC board member elections combined to March 31-12/22/11

The last two rounds of Cobb EMC board member elections will be combined into one elections on March 31 in a cost-saving effort that was approved by a Cobb County judge Thursday. Click here for more

MDJ: Dwight Brown decision not likely before new year’s-12/20/11

A decision in the latest criminal case against Dwight Brown will likely wait until the new year. Click here for more

MDJ: Cobb EMC coal plant plans strike major snag-12/15/11

The announcement this week that a New Jersey-based power generator has canceled plans for a coal-fired plant has sparked anew the debate over whether Cobb EMC should participate in building a coal plant of its own. Click here for more

MDJ: Longtime Cobb EMC director steps down-12/14/11

The Cobb EMC board of directors now has a vacancy, with Tuesday’s resignation of Sarah Brown, the longest-serving member of the board.Click here for more

AJC: Canceled coal plant doesn’t impact Cobb EMC-backed project-12/12/11

An energy company’s decision Monday to cancel plans to build a coal-fired power plant in south Georgia could reignite pressure against two other proposed plants partly backed by Cobb EMC. Click here for more

Take Back Cobb EMC: Cobb EMC Members Are Not Alone: Part I -12/8/11

The elections of four new board members to the Cobb EMC board of directors marked a major turning point in the four-year battle between EMC members and our electric cooperative. Members expressed their frustration through lawsuits, grassroots organizing and most recently elections, after the EMC took calculated steps to squash democracy at Cobb EMC and isolate the entrenched board along with now former president/CEO Dwight Brown. Click here for more

Take Back Cobb EMC: Brown Trying to Weasel Away Once More-12/2/11

Dwight Brown was back in a Cobb County courtroom on Wednesday as his attorney, former Georgia governor Roy Barnes, argued that the 35-count indictment against him should be tossed out. Judge Robert Flournoy III is a Barnes appointee and has been criticized by Cobb EMC members for failing to recuse himself in this case and for dropping a previous indictment against Brown on a controversial technical matter. Click here for more

MDJ: Ex-EMC head trying to get charges tossed-12/1/11

Dwight Brown’s legion of lawyers spent Wednesday morning trying to persuade Superior Court Judge Robert E. Flournoy III to again throw out a criminal indictment against the retired head of Cobb EMC. Click here for more

MDJ: Don McKee: Cobb EMC directors should go extra lengths for real transparency-11/27/11

Three newly elected Cobb EMC directors attended their first board meeting last week and joined in a move toward opening future meetings to co-op members. How this will work remains to be seen. Click here for more

AJC: Cobb EMC incumbent concedes elections-11/14/11

Kennesaw businessman and incumbent Cobb EMC director RJ Patel conceded the race for his board seat Monday evening eliminating a need for a runoff next month and advancing four new members to lead the utility. Click here for more

AJC: Cobb EMC members oust one incumbent director, send second into runoff-11/12/11

Cobb EMC members pushing for changes at the electric utility ousted one incumbent board member on Saturday and nearly got rid of a second in the cooperative’s first board elections in four years. Click here for more

MDJ: EMC members elect new directors; Area 7 goes to runoff-11/12/11

Cobb EMC members thew out one incumbent director of the electric cooperative during elections on Saturday, and added three new people to the board. A fourth race resulted in a runoff on Dec. 3–though there were calls for a concession. Click here for more

MDJ: Cobb EMC: Election Day finally here — and so are sky-high legal bills-11/12/11

Today is the first time since 2007 that the customers — who own Cobb EMC — are getting to vote for their board of directors. It’s obvious to those who’ve kept up with the saga over the four years that there’s been a sea of change in the utility’s culture since the departure of longtime President/CEO Dwight Brown. Click here for more

MDJ: Off-site parking available for Sat. Cobb EMC elections-11/10/11

Cobb EMC is aiming to ease traffic woes for Saturday’s director elections, by running shuttle buses between Piedmont Church, where the vote will be held, and off-site parking at Daniell Middle School. Click here for more

AJC: Cobb EMC members see opportunity for change in board elections-11/10/11

Whatever the outcome in Saturday’s Cobb EMC elections, the Marietta co-operative is guaranteed to move forward with at least two new board members. Click here for more

AJC: Cobb EMC postpones action on transparency initiatives-10/25/11

Changes to Cobb EMC’s transparency policies have been delayed at least another month until new board members are elected and can have a say on the issue. Click here for more

MDJ: EMC vote set for Piedmont Church on Nov. 12-10/23/11

The Nov. 12 elections for four seats on the Cobb EMC board will be held at the same location as the special meeting last month, Piedmont Church, 570 Piedmont Road, in Marietta, according to the latest order from Superior Court Judge Stephen Schuster. The runoff date was set for Dec. 3. Click here for more

MDJ: Meet more Cobb EMC board candidates-10/17/11

The Nov. 12 election for four seats on the Cobb EMC board is heating up. The deadline was 6 p.m. Wednesday for members in Areas 1, 6, 7 and 10 who want to seek seats. Last week, the Journal published information on the candidates who were known in advance. Information about three more candidates, in Areas 7 and 10, follows. Click here for more

MDJ: Around Town: Cobb EMC board already experiencing a… changing of the guard-10/15/11

No one will ever confuse the Cobb EMC headquarters in Marietta with Buckingham Palace in London, but a changing of the guard clearly is under way in the boardroom of the embattled electric utility. Click here for more

AJC: Two more Cobb EMC boad members not seeking re-election-10/14/11

Cobb EMC board members Al Fortney and Don Barnett will not seek re-election for their seats next month, according to the Marietta based co-op.Click here for more

MDJ: 17 challengers sign up for EMC elections in Nov.-10/13/11

While most of Cobb’s cities are gearing up for municipal elections on Nov. 8, a different kind of election — for four seats on the Cobb EMC board — is set for Nov. 12. Seventeen people petitioned as challengers for the Area 1, 6, 7 and 10 seats by Wednesday’s 6 p.m. deadline. Click here for more

MDJ: Meet the Cobb EMC board candidates-10/13/11

The Journal asked a series of questions of the challenger candidates who petitioned by Tuesday for the Nov. 12 election. Not all candidates answered all questions. Click here for more

MDJ: EMC owners aim to oust 10 directors-10/9/11

The Cobb EMC Owners Association is taking a leading role in vetting candidates for the Cobb EMC board of directors, but intends to give its endorsement to only one candidate running for each area. Click here for more

MDJ: EMC drops $2M in Q1 of ’12-10/5/11

The first-ever release of quarterly earnings for Cobb EMC shows the nonprofit electric utility lost just over $2 million for the first quarter of fiscal year 2012, which ended July 31. The utility’s chief financial officer, though, said the loss was not unexpected. Click here for more

MDJ: Around Town: Forensic audit? Yes, says EMC watchdog group, but not just yet-10/4/11

TAKE BACK COBB EMC, one of the groups behind the shareholder revolt against Cobb Electric Membership Corp., said Monday that the utility’s embattled board should hold off on hiring a forensic auditor. Click here for more

MDJ: Cobb EMC – Moves toward openness overdue, but welcome-10/2/11

“Transparency” is the name of the game these days in corporate America–and at least some of thsoe running embattled Cobb EMC in Marietta may be starting to get that message. If so, that will be a welcome change for a utility that has seemed to specialize in keeping its members and the public at large in the dark about its doings. Click here for more

MDJ: Cobb EMC CEO reveals annual salary, two directors will not seek re-election – 9/29/11

Chip Nelson announces open board meetings and publishes his $483,000 annual compensation, intimates that a forensic audit is in the works; Sarah Brown and Larry Chadwick won’t run for re-election in the spring. Click here for more

AJC: New CEO urges transparency to heal Cobb EMC

Changes are coming to Cobb EMC as the utility’s new leader tries to enact several transparency initiatives to restore the co-op’s tattered reputation. Click here for more

MDJ: Don McKee: Co-op CEO was enriched at members’ expense with board’s consent-9/28/11

Finally — under court order — Cobb EMC’s irresponsible directors have divulged how much of the members-ratepayers’ money was poured into the pockets of indicted ex-CEO Dwight Brown before his self-dealing was ended — by court order. Click here for more

MDJ: Brown paid $60K a month as consultant

Cobb EMC’s embattled ex-CEO Dwight Brown was paid nearly $60,000 per month as a consultant to the EMC after he retired on Feb. 28, 2011.Click here for more

AJC: Cobb EMC’s ex-CEO was paid millions-9/27/11

Former Cobb EMC CEO Dwight Brown’s compensation from the non-profit cooperative reached $6 million from the time a civil lawsuit against the company was settled in December 2008 to his separation from the company in July, according to information provided to the company. Click here for more

MDJ: Dwight Brown’s consulting fee: $60,000 a month-9/26/11

Cobb EMC’s embattled ex-CEO Dwight Brown was paid $1.5 million in salary and consulting fees alone from the time of the Dec. 2008 settlement through July 26, 2011, according to figures released Monday.Click here for more

MDJ: Cobb EMC drops fight over former CEO’s pay; EMC attorney: Plaintiffs’ concerns now understood-9/23/11

Cobb EMC lawyers on Thursday withdrew their motion fighting disclosure of how much embattled former CEO Dwight Brown was paid before he retired in February. Click here for more

MDJ: EMC fights disclosure of Brown’s pay-9/20/11

Lawyers for Cobb EMC have asked Judge Stephen Schuster to reconsider his order requiring them to disclose how much Dwight Brown was paid between December 2008, when the lawsuit was settled, and Feb. 28 of this year, when he retired as head of the nonprofit electric membership cooperative. Click here for more

MDJ: Around Town: EMCers had say – But does utility’s board have last trick up its sleeve?-9/20/11

Reform-minded Cobb EMC shareholders didn’t just repudiate the embattled board of directors at Saturday’s long-awaited members meeting, they “put a whuppin” on the entrenched board and former CEO Dwight Brown. The 10 EMC directors, now licking their wounds, are likely as politically dead as King Tut after a four-year legal battle costing ratepayers millions. Click here for more

MDJ: Don McKee: Stunning victory for Cobb EMC members sets the stage for house cleaning-9/19/11

It was a stunning victory for the Cobb EMC reformers.

They won in a landslide on the issue of mail-in voting, defeating the director-backed proposal 2,561 to 1,113 at Saturday’s special meeting of members. Click here for more

AJC: Customers send reform message to Cobb EMC-9/17/11

A chance to change the direction of Cobb EMC, the Marietta-based electric co-op embroiled in controversy in recent years, drew an unheard-of crowd to the utility’s annual meeting Saturday. Click here for more

MDJ: Plaintiffs win on mail-in ballots-9/17/11

In a clear an overwhelming victory for the plaintiffs, Cobb EMC members rejected mail-in ballots by more than 2-1 on Saturday — with a total turnout of 3,688 members. Click here for more

MDJ: 3 groups, 1 goal: Oust Cobb EMC board of directors-9/16/11

Saturday will be showdown day for members of Cobb EMC, who will meet for the first time since 2008. How members vote on the mail-in ballots issue on Saturday will likely indicate how long the tenure of the co-ops 10 directors will continue. Click here for more

MDJ: Don McKee: Decision day comes Saturday for Cobb EMC members-9/14/11

The day of decisiojn is fast approaching for Cobb EMC members.

A court-ordered special meeting of members is set for Saturday at Piedmont Church, 570 Piedmont Road in Marietta. Registration starts at 8 a.m., the meeting opens at 10:15, and members may vote from 12:30 p.m. to 5 p.m., according to the notice sent out by the EMC and information on its web site. It’s been more than three years since members met. Click here for more

MDJ: Cobb EMC results expected Saturday-9/13/11

Joe Whitley, who will preside over Saturday’s meeting of Cobb EMC members, said Monday that he expects to announce unofficial voting results shortly after the polls close at 5 p.m. Click here for more

MDJ: Around Town: Saturday’s Cobb EMC meeting should be a corker-9/13/11

The hottest political battle this season in Cobb is not between Republicans and Democrats but the one for control of Cobb EMC, or to be specific, its board. Both sides are working feverishly behind the scenes to ramp up turnout and energize voters leading up to Saturday’s special members’ meeting set by Superior Court Judge Stephen Schuster as the first step toward accomplishing the long-delayed election of new board members. Click here for more

AJC: Cobb EMC ordered back to court, asked for former CEO’s compensation-9/8/11

Cobb EMC leaders have been oredred back to court on Sept. 28 and told to provide more details on compensation paid to former CEO Dwight Brown and the liquidation of subsidiary companies. Click here for more

MDJ: The EMC Board – Forward-looking? Or modern-day robber barons?-9/8/11

It probably comes as shocking news to Cobb residents who’ve been keeping up with the Cobb EMC saga that those who’ve been running that member-owned utility are supporters of 21st century concepts of appropriate corporate governance. In fact, most of those observers would contend that the Cobb EMC board in recent years has been adhereing instead to the “public-be-damned” credo of 19th century robber barons.Click here for more

MDJ: Qualifying for EMC elections now over-9/8/11

Qualifying for the Cobb EMC director elections to be held in November will not be reopened, Sam Kelly, the electric cooperative’s vice president of public relations, has told the Journal. Click here for more

MDJ: Attorney: Former Cobb EMC chief’s indictment ‘tainted’-9/7/11

Former Cobb EMC chief Dwight Brown is seeking to have his July 7 criminal indictment thrown out on grounds that prosecutors improperly allowed five Cobb EMC members — “victims” of his alleged crimes  — to serve on the grand jury that returned the indictment, and thus the proceedings are “irreparably tainted.” Click here for more

MDJ: Around Town: Readers sound off on Cobb EMC’s board pensions-9/6/11

How Dumb are we? wrote — How do we let these crooks get away with this? Why are they not ALL in jail?

Maatf wrote — The good at Cobb EMC. What I do know is that the current board has gone along with manipulating agreements and trying to get out of them. We have been at a standstill in dealing with even routine elections because of their game playing. Enough. They need to go. All of them, because no one even stood up publicly. They are all Brown clones or robots, doesn’t matter which except neither is acceptable. Click here for more

Take Back Cobb EMC: Get ready to vote! Cobb EMC Special Meeting set for 9/17

It’s time to take action! The all-important Special Meeting of EMC members will take place on September 17 at Piedmont Church in Marietta. Click here for more

MDJ: Cobb EMC directors paid more than $211,000 in retirement benefits-9/1/11

As part of their compensation for serving on the board of Cobb EMC, directors are paid $1,100 per month for 16 years, “after retirement from the board when they have attained the age of 65,” according to new information posted on the nonprofit electric co-op’s website. Click here for more

MDJ: EMC order revised by Schuster-8/31/11

If Cobb EMC members approve the first set of bylaw changes on Sept. 17, the electric cooperative will pay to send out one campaign mailer for every candidate seeking a seat on the board in the upcoming elections.Click here for more

Take Back Cobb EMC: Cobb EMC Members Request Rehearing in April FERC Request-8/26/11

Today Dan Davis and Mark Hackett, customers of Cobb Electric Membership Corporation (EMC), requested that the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) rehear the denial of their Request for Investigation of Cobb EMC. Click here for more

AJC: Cobb EMC campaign financing dispute remains unresolved-8/22/11

Dates for an initial Cobb EMC membership meeting and three rounds of board elections are set but a Cobb County judge could not determine whether company resources should be limited to promote its slate of candidates. Click here for more

MDJ: Schuster: Campaign-finance issue is outside scope of 1st EMC meeting-8/22/11

At the special Cobb EMC members meeting on Sept. 17, members will not consider language in a proposed bylaw amendment that would prohibit the electric co-op’s directors from supporting a slate of candidates, Judge Stephen Schuster ruled Monday. Click here for more

MDJ: Judge delays ruling on EMC until Monday-8/20/11

Superior Court Judge Stephen Schuster did not rule Friday in the Cobb EMC campaign-finance matter, but said he will issue an order no later than Monday. Click here for more

MDJ: Don McKee: EMC incumbent directors have to run on their record-8/19/11

Why do all the Cobb EMC directors want to stay in office after all the mess they have made involving indicted ex-CEO Dwight Brown, their failed Cobb Energy piggy bank subsidiary and rampant conflicts of interest?Click here for more

MDJ: Around Town: Judge read Cobb EMC directors… ‘The Riot Act’-8/16/11

Several courthouse observers say they cannot remember a judicial tongue lashing like the one Cobb Superior Court Judge Stephen Schuster dished out to the Cobb EMC board of directors before a pack courtroom on Friday. Although he spoke in modulated tones, Schuster essentially read the riot act to the controversial directors — many of whom seemed clearly annoyed at having to be there in the first place. Click here for more

MDJ: Don McKee: Judge can let sun shine on EMC, even playing field for election-8/15/11

At long last, a meeting of Cobb EMC members has been scheduled and dates have actually been set for the election of directors – for the first time in four years. That was the outcome of last Friday’s hearing before Superior Court Judge Stephen Schuster, who lectured the entire board for its foot-dragging. Click here for more

MDJ: Former CEO Brown retired, nothing changed, that set off a firestorm, judge tells EMC board-8/13/11

This is a narrative of a 12-minute lecture Judge Schuster gave the Cobb EMC directors at the end of Friday’s hearing. Click here for more

MDJ: EMC directors admonished: Judge scolds group for stalling tactics, demands to know former CEO Brown’s pay since settlement-8/13/11

Cobb EMC members and directors came away from Friday’s hearing before Judge Stephen Schuster with a set schedule for elections and an agreement that the Sept. 17 special members meeting will be held at Roswell Street Baptist Church. Click here for more

AJC: Election schedule set for Cobb EMC board-8/12/11

Cobb EMC took its first steps toward a new era Friday, receiving approval to proceed with long-delayed board member elections and gaining some resolution to the company’s future following the tenure of former CEO Dwight Brown. Click here for more

MDJ: Sides set for first EMC meeting: Date set for Sept. 17, but Cobb Superior court judge must first grant approval-8/12/11

Pending approval from Judge Stephen Schuster, the first meeting of Cobb EMC members in nearly three years will convene at 10:15 a.m. Sept. 17. Click here for more

MDJ: EMC directors due in court Friday on election schedule, lawsuit terms-8/11/11

All 10 directors of Cobb Electric Membership Cooperative will appear in Cobb Superior Court before Judge Stephen Schuster at 9 a.m. Friday. The hearing, which will be in the oversized courtroom on the second floor of the new courthouse, regards the schedule for director elections and how the current directors have carried out terms of an agreement that settled a 2007 lawsuit brought by some members. Click here for more

AJC: Federal regulator rejects request for Cobb EMC investigation-8/10/11

Cobb EMC won a small victory late last week when the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission found that a group of the co-op’s customers failed to show how the nonprofit electric utility violated the Federal Power Act. Click here for more

MDJ: Around Town: Elections, At Last? Late-fall start likely for EMC board votes-8/6/11

Lawyers for Cobb EMC and disgruntled members who filed suit against the utility are “suprisingly close” to an greement that would result in staggered elections for a new board, with the first round of balloting taking place before the end of the year. Click here for more

MDJ: Regaining Trust–New board-not ‘advisory board’–key for EMC-7/31/11

Cobb Electrical Membership Corporation for most of the decades since its creation during the Great Depression was one of this community’s most respected large businesses – a homegrown success story that pulled rural Cobb out of the darkness and helped out it on a path to modernity.Click here for more 

MDJ: Todd Rehm: EMC’s recent record points to need for PSC oversight-7/31/11

The July 23 Around Town column in the MDJ suggested that indicted former Cobb EMC CEO Dwight Brown or members of his inner circle on the EMC Board are plotting to retain control over the EMC by funding professionally-run election campaigns for the incumbent board members.Click here for more

MDJ: Judge: Brown case goes back to Flournoy-7/26/11

Chief Magistrate Frank Cox ruled Monday that the latest criminal charges against retired Cobb EMC head Dwight T. Brown will be heard by Cobb Superior Court Judge Robert E. Flournoy III. Click here for more

MDJ: Don McKee: Time for Cobb EMC to usher in new era of transparency-7/25/11

Now is the time for the Cobb EMC to usher in a new era of transparency and accountability to the members. Click here for more

MDJ: Around Town: Brown’s EMC board still angling to preserve status quo-7/23/11

For those who think the tumultuous and greed-driven Dwight Brown era at Cobb EMC is over, think again: He and some of his 10-member rubber-stamp board reportedly are still maneuvering in the shadows to retain control of the 190,000-member electrical co-op. Around Town has learned that Brown, his board and a cadre of handsomely paid consultants are still scheming to keep the reins of the utility and make only a few cosmetic changes in hopes of fooling the public into thinking that things have changed. Click here for more

MDJ: Don McKee: New EMC chief needs to take a second look at transparency-7/22/11

Cobb EMC’s new president and chief executive W.T. “Chip” Nelson, has declared a “new day” for the co-op and wants a meeting of members and election of directors “just as soon as we can.” Click here for more

MDJ: Sides argue over judge in Brown criminal case-7/22/11

Criminal defendant Dwight T. Brown was in Cobb Magistrate Court on Thursday afternoon as his lawyer, Roy Barnes, argued with prosecutors over which Superior Court judge should head the latest charges against Brown. Click here for more

MDJ: New Cobb EMC chief Nelson ready to ‘turn page’ on past costly litigation, divisiveness-7/20/11

One week after he was named president and CEO of Cobb EMC, W.T. “Chip” Nelson sat down with Journal editors to discuss his plans for taking the electric membership cooperative past the costly litigation and divisiveness of recent years. Click here for more

MDJ: Cobb EMC: Time to put its priorities back in order-7/17/11

A new era has begun this week at Cobb EMC with the promotion of W.T. “Chip” Nelson to president and CEO. His elevation comes in the wake of the continuing legal troubles brought by past president/CEO Dwight Brown, who retired Feb. 28 and who was re-indicted by a Cobb Grand Jury late last week on 35 felony counts related to his oversight of Cobb EMC and its corporate spinoff Cobb Energy. Click here for more

AJC: ‘Privatizing’ Cobb EMC for profit and power-7/15/11

The 35 criminal counts filed against Dwight Brown, former CEO of the Cobb EMC, accuse the once-powerful executive of conspiring to steal millions of dollars from the 200,000-member electric co-op. Click here for more

MDJ: EMC’s Brown was cuffed, taken to jail-7/13/11

Former Cobb EMC chief Dwight Brown was driving to the office of his lawyer on Thursday afternoon after learning he had been re-indicted when he was pulled over by a Cobb Sheriff’s deputy, handcuffed and taken to jail in the back of a deputy’s vehicle. Click here for more

MDJ: Cobb EMC chooses exec as new CEO-7/12/11

W.T. “Chip” Nelson, the interim chief executive of Cobb EMC, was named the permanent president ande CEO by the co-op’s board of directors on Monday. Click here for more

AJC: Cobb EMC selects interim CEO as new chief-7/11/11

Chip Nelson, Cobb EMC’s longtime chief operating officer was named president and CEO of the electric cooperative late Monday. Click here for more

MDJ: EMC board’s new description: ‘unindicted co-conspirators’-7/9/11

A legal source closely connected to the Cobb EMC saga said the co-op’s 10 directors can now be considered “unindicted co-conspirators” after Thursday’s new indictment of former EMC chief Dwight Brown on charges of threatening and intimidating witnesses. Click here for more

AJC: Burned by Cobb EMC’s holdovers-7/8/11

One thing that could be said of Dwight Brown, former CEO of Cobb Electric Membership Corp. and Cobb Energy who was re-indicted Thursday, is that he has an uncanny–some might say unseemly–ability to hang on. Click here for more

MDJ: Embattled Brown indicted again-7/7/11

A unanimous Cobb County grand jury indicted retired and embattled Cobb EMC head Dwight T. Brown on 35 felony criminal counts Thursday. Ironically, the indictments were read in open court before Superior court Judge Robert Flournoy III, who in March threw out a previous criminal indictment against Brown. Click here for more

AJC: Former Cobb EMC chief re-indicted on theft, racketeering-7/7/11

Former Cobb EMC chief executive Dwight Brown was again indicted by a Cobb County grand jury Thursday afternoon, this time four new counts of intimidating witnesses, going along with 31 previous count of racketeering and theft originally filed back in January. Click here for more

MDJ: PSC Commissioner Wise on short list to head Cobb EMC-7/6/11

Public Service Commission Chairman Stan Wise is the leading candidate to be the next chief executive officer of Cobb EMC, the Journal has learned from multiple sources. Click here for more

MDJ: Schuster rejects EMC effort to rehire Brown-6/24/11

Cobb Superior Court Judge Stephen Schuster ruled Friday that “the tenure of Dwight T. Brown at Cobb EMC and its subsidiaries ended February 28, 2011. It cannot be renewed, revived or repackaged” and also ordered all 10 Cobb EMC directors to appear before him at 9 a.m. Aug. 12 for a hearing to review the directors’ compliance with the Dec. 2008 settlement. Click here for more

MDJ: EMC’s next step: Meeting, then elections-6/19/11

The directors of Cobb EMC will not ask the Georgia Supreme Court to reconsider its 6-1 decision, issued last Monday, that rejected the directors’ bid to amend the EMC bylaws and allow voting by proxy, a lawyer for the directors said late this week. Click here for more

Take Back Cobb EMC: GA Supreme Court rules against Cobb EMC-6/13/11

The Georgia Supreme Court ruled today that Cobb EMC violated the 2008 settlement agreement when it changed bylaws to allow for proxy voting. In an overwhelming 6-1 decision, the Court has opened a path to accountable leadership at Cobb EMC. Click here for more

MDJ: High Court rejects Cobb EMC bylaw change-6/13/11

In a win for plaintiffs who have fought Cobb EMC in court for nearly four years, the Georgia Supreme Court ruled 6-1 Monday that the leaders of Cobb Electric Membership Corporation violated a settlement agreement by amending the cooperative’s bylaws to allow voting by proxy. Click here for more

AJC: Court says Cobb EMC board violated settlement agreement-6/13/11

The Georgia Supreme Court on Monday ruled that the president and directors of the Cobb Electric Membership Corporation violated an agreement with co-op members by amending its bylaws in 2008 to allow voting by proxy. Click here for more

MDJ: Georgia Supreme Court to rule Monday on Cobb EMC voting-6/10/11

The Goergia Supreme Court intends to release its opinion Monday on whether a bylaw change made by Cobb EMC’s board of directors violated a December 2008 settlement in a civil lawsuit. Click here for more

MDJ: Don McKee: EMC’s argument to rehire Brown a case of what ‘is’ is-5/23/11

Let’s see if I’ve got this right: Three years ago Cobb EMC signed an agreement that plainly said then-CEO Dwight Brown would announce his retirement by Feb. 28, 2011 “and not seek an extension of his employment.” Click here for more

Take Back Cobb EMC: Cobb EMC lays out reasons why Brown should be rehired-5/20/11

On Wednesday , Cobb EMC and the plaintiffs of the 2007 derivative lawsuit found themselves back in front of Cobb County Superior Court Judge Stephen Schuster to argue whether or not the board of directors can rehire former president/CEO Dwight Brown. Click here for more

AJC: Cobb EMC seeks OK to bring back Brown-5/18/11

Attorneys for Cobb EMC argued Wednesday that the Marietta-based electric cooperative should be allowed to rehire its controversial ex-CEO, despite objections by suing customers that the move violates a 2008 settlement agreement. Click here for more

MDJ: Lawyers argue over rehiring Cobb EMC’s Brown-5/18/11

Lawyers for Cobb EMC and the plaintiffs that brought suit in 2007 argued Cobb Superior Court on Wednesday whether former CEO Dwight Brown may accept an offer to return to the helm, and in particular, went back and forther over language in the 2008 settlement agreement that says Brown would announce his retirement by Feb. 28, 2011, “and not seek an extension of his employment” Click here for more

MDJ: EMC members ask commission to probe co-op-4/27/11

Two Cobb EMC members say the local electric cooperative apparently failed to disclose material information in possible violation of the Federal Power Act and are requesting an investigation by the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission. Click here for more

AJC: Group asks regulator to investigate Cobb EMC-4/26/11

A group of Cobb EMC customers asked the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission on Tuesday to investigate Marietta-based electric co-op, saying they believe it has violated the Federal Power Act. Click here for more

Take Back Cobb EMC update: Cobb EMC members formally request Federal investigation of possible violations of the Federal Power Act by Cobb EMC-4/26/11

Today a group of Cobb EMC customers sent a request to the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) urging an investigation of new evidence of wrongdoing by Cobb EMC based on violations of the Federal Power Act (FPA) Click here for more 

 MDJ: ADA appeals tossing of Brown’s indictment-4/22/11

Assistant District Attorney John Butters has asked the state Supreme Court to hear an appeal regarding the 31-count indictment of former Cobb EMC leader Dwight Brown being tossed out on a technicality last month. Click here for more

AJC: Cobb EMC case generates millions in legal fees-4/8/11

Marietta-based Cobb EMC’s legal troubles have generated more than $10 million in attorney fees over the past 3 1/2 years. Click here for more

MDJ: Judge tosses Brown indictment-3/22/11

Superior Court Judge Robert Flournoy III threw out a 31-count indictment Tuesday against former Cobb EMC leader Dwight Brown, ruling that the indictment was handed down in a courtoom that was not open to the public. Click here for more

AJC: Judge throws out Cobb EMC indictment, cites courtroom accessibility-3/22/11

A 31-count racketeering and theft indictment against former Cobb County EMC Chief Dwight Brown was thrown out on Tuesday solely because it was handed down in an inaccessible courtroom. Click here for more

MDJ: EMC members try to take back electric co-op-3/17/11

A group of Cobb EMC members are vowing to take back the Marietta-based electric cooperative through a petition drive that could potentially spark the election of a new board. Click here for more

AJC: Barnes argues to quash indictments against Cobb EMC CEO-3/3/11

An imaginary man with mud on his boots and a dirty shirt is threatening a Cobb County grand jury’s 31-count theft and racketeering indictments against Dwight Brown, chief executive of Marietta-based Cobb EMC.Click here for more

AJC: Embattled CEO out for now at Cobb EMC-2/28/11

Dwight Brown, the indicted chief executive of Marietta-based Cobb EMC, retired Monday from the co-op he has led since 1993, meeting the terms of a 2008 court-ordered settlment deal between the co-op and suing customers. Click here for more

AJC: Bill would open electric co-op meetings-2/22/11

The state’s 42 electric membership cooperatives would have to open up board meetings to their members and the public under a bill introduced Tuesday by state Rep. Wendell Willard, R-Sandy Springs. Click here for more

AJC: Cobb EMC sues customers behind lawsuit settled in 2008-2/18/11

Marietta-based Cobb EMC took aim at its opponents Thursday, suing six customers who settled a civil lawsuit against the co-op two years ago, along with one of their three lawyers. Click here for more

MDJ: Cobb EMC turns suing members into defendants-2/18/11

Cobb EMC has turned the tables on suing members by filing a civil suit Thursday alledging that the members, with assistance from one of their attorneys, breached a settlement agreement instigating a criminal investigation into CEO Dwight Brown. Click here for more

Cherokee Ledger-News: High Court hears Cobb EMC civil case-2/16/11

A group formed last year is advocating for member input on the elections for Cobb Electric Membership Corporation (EMC) board members, while the Georgia Supreme Court weighs arguments it heard last week about a lawsuit originally filed in 2007. Click here for more

AJC: Pro & Con: Do Georgia’s electric co-ops need better oversight?-2/9/11

This past fall, familes and businesses voiced their opinion about a proposed rate increase from Georgia Power. Many wrote their Public Service Commissioners and attended public meetings, while a few even took the time to download filings by the utility. This public involvement was made possible by the laws and rules that require PSC meetings and documents to be open to the public. Click here for more

MDJ: GA high court hears EMC case-2/8/11

Cobb EMC’s board of directors made a bylaw change two years ago that was legal and allowed for greater democracy, an attorney for the co-op told Georgia Supreme Court justices Monday. Yet plaintiffs’ attorneys claim the amendment went against a settlement agreement signed just days prior and was made to further entrench EMC leaders. Click here for more

AJC: Cobb EMC defends itself at Georgia Supreme Court-2/7/11

With its chief executive now facing criminal theft and racketeering charges, Marietta-based Cobb EMC defended itself to the Georgia Supreme Court Monday. Click here for more

Take Back Cobb EMC update: Today’s GA Supreme Court hearing on Cobb EMC appeal-2/7/11

“Cobb EMC’s CEO, Dwight Brown, was just indicted for allegedly stealing member funds and making false statements to the membership. Piling that on an already upset membership doesn’t bode well for member confidence in the EMC. Take Back Cobb EMC hopes that the Supreme Court will uphold the appeals court’s ruling and pave the way for fair, transparent elections to restore Cobb EMC’s reputation.” -Joel Mendelson, Take Back Cobb EMC

MDJ: Cobb EMC…’Transparent’? Hardly-2/3/11

A COAL-FIRED POWER PLANT may or may not be a good investment for Cobb Electrical Membership Corp.
Cobb EMC CEO Dwight Brown may or may not be guilty of fraud and racketeering, as charged in a 31-count indictment. Brown may or may not have been unfairly demonized for his controversial tenure at EMC and his masterminding of its now-defunct spinoff, Cobb Energy. Click here for more

MDJ:Execs mum on Cobb EMC’s stake in power plant-2/2/11

Cobb EMC executives remain mum on how much ownership the electric cooperative could have in the proposed coal-fired Plant Washington – stating only that it will be a “significant owner,” and that plans will go forward unaffected by the indictment of CEO Dwight Brown and over objections by environmentalists. They are also not saying if Brown, who sits on the board for the group of co-ops that are building the plant, will announce his retirement at the end of this month, as specified in a civil suit’s settlement agreement signed in December 2008. Click here for more

MDJ: EMC hopefuls call for more transparency-1/19/11

Nearly two weeks after a grand jury indicted Cobb EMC President and CEO Dwight Brown on numerous counts of theft, racketeering and making false statements, two candidates for the electric cooperative’s board of directors on Tuesday stressed the need for more transparency. Click here for more

AJC: Electric co-ops new new rules-1/13/11

The recent news regarding the 31-count indictment against Cobb EMC CEO Dwight Brown highlights some important governance issues at the dozens of electric membership cooperatives across Georgia. Click here for more

MDJ: Dwight Brown booked, released from jail-1/7/11

Indicted Cobb EMC President surrendered to Cobb Jail authorities at 6:15 p.m. Thursday night, hours after a county grand jury indicted him on 31 counts of criminal wrongdoing. Click here for more

MDJ: EMC’s Brown indicted for theft and racketeering-1/7/11

Nearly two years after Georgia Bureau of Investigation agents descended on the homes of Cobb EMC officials seeking documents that might show evidence of theft and racketeering, the power giant’s President and CEO Dwight Brown was indicted Thursday by a Cobb grand jury on 31 counts of criminal wrongdoing. Click here for more

AJC: Cobb EMC chief indicted, accused of racketeering, theft-1/6/11

A Cobb County grand jury indicted the head of Marietta-based Cobb EMC on 31 counts of racketeering and theft Thursday, capping a two year investigation of the non-profit electric cooperative that provides power to about 200,000 customers. Click here for more