Letter to Cobb EMC

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To: Cobb EMC Board of Directors

I am in disagreement with your recent action that significantly limits our rights as Members of Cobb EMC to propose a bylaw change to be voted on by the Membership. I am also concerned that you could use a similar questionable work-around to rescind other elements of the Members’ Bill of Rights such as the requirement that Cobb EMC be operated on a non-profit basis and the requirement that the cooperative keep track of each Member’s patronage capital and distribute future capital credit refunds to Members. The bylaws clearly state that the Members’ Bill of Rights can only be amended by a vote of the Membership and your action violates the trust that Members placed in you when you were elected.

I urge you to rescind your recent action and add language to every section referenced in the Members’ Bill of Rights to make it clear that those rights can only be modified or abridged by Member vote.