2016 Elections

Two Candidates Run Against District 4 Incumbent


Two candidates, Bill Boyle and Matt O’Donnell, are on the ballot to run against the District 4 incumbent in the 2016 Director and Bylaw Amendment elections that began August 8. Cobb EMC Forum believes both candidates bring significant skills to the table as well as a commitment to low rates, Member representation, transparency and ethics. Recent Board actions reported by The Forum (see Giant Step Backwards & Open Board Meetings – Not So Open))  leads us to encourage Members to put fresh blood on the Cobb EMC Board. Click here to read Matt O’Donnel’s platform and bio. Click here for Bill Boyle’s platform and bio.

Members will also have the opportunity to vote on a Member proposed Bylaw Amendment to restore Member rights that were significantly eroded by unilateral Board action earlier this year (click here for more details).

Keep an eye out for ballots to vote in the upcoming Cobb EMC Director elections later this summer.

All Board positions regardless of district are voted on an at large basis, so you can vote in the District 4 election no matter which district you live in. Cobb EMC Forum encourages a vote against the District 4 incumbent and a “Yes” vote on the Member proposed bylaw change restoring Member rights.

Click here to vote now.