Forum Executive Committee

Executive Committee of Cobb EMC Forum


2014-08-09 Mark HackettMark A. Hackett – Director & President/CEO

Mark, a Cobb EMC Member since 1998, is a retired energy industry consultant specializing in electric utility planning. Mr. Hackett’s career spans over 25 years in the electric and gas utility and software industries. During 2011 and 2012, Mr. Hackett campaigned heavily for the election of a new Board of Directors at Cobb EMC. His current goal is to ensure the future of ethical and fiscally responsible governance at the EMC so that Member-Owners receive the best service at the lowest possible cost in a socially responsible manner.

Formerly, Mr. Hackett was one of three owners and Chief Operating Officer for NewEnergy Associates, LLC (NewEnergy). In addition to his responsibilities as a partner, Mr. Hackett managed a group of over 50 software professionals who were responsible for the development, maintenance, and support of planning and operations software applications licensed by electric and natural gas utility clients throughout the U.S. and internationally. Mr. Hackett participated in numerous consulting engagements for NewEnergy’s utility clients including providing expert testimony before the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC).

Earlier in his career Mark served as Manager of Power Marketing and Generation Planning at Oglethorpe Power Corporation, one of the primary energy suppliers for Cobb EMC and as an analyst in the Strategic Planning Department and Management Services group at Florida Power & Light Company.

Mark received his bachelor of Industrial Engineering from the Georgia Institute of Technology.

Jim HudsonJim Hudson – Director & Secretary

Jim Hudson, a resident of Cobb County and a Member of Cobb EMC since 1980, is a former Vice President at AT&T where he had a 32 year career. Over the last five years Jim supported Member efforts to restore the operation and management of Cobb EMC to ethical and fiscal responsibility.

Most recently in 2014, Mr. Hudson was a plaintiff in the class action lawsuit which resulted in the return of $98 million of capital credits to current and past Members of Cobb EMC.

Prior to his tenure at AT&T, Jim held management positions with Sonoco Products Corporation, Lucent Technologies, OFS Fitel, Conklin Corporation, Penn Mutual and Carbon Motors Corporation.

Jim remains dedicated to the concept that Member involvement will insure that Cobb EMC continues to serve the best interests of its Member-Customers and that principled leadership will keep Cobb EMC at the forefront of the utility industry.

Grover Paulsen-smallGrover Paulsen – Director & Treasurer

Grover is a former international business manager with experience in banking, energy and utility operations, technology, and international telecom services industries. Most recently, he was Vice President at British Telecom with BT Americas. Mr. Paulsen has been a resident of Cobb County since 1993, and a Member of Cobb EMC since 1994.

Grover became an early participant and supported the efforts to restore the operation and management of Cobb EMC to fiscal responsibility as a productive asset of the Member-Owners. He is active in supporting continuing reform at the current EMC Board through his participation in the Cobb EMC Forum.

Currently, Grover also serves as Treasurer of the Cobb EMC Community Foundation, the independent board which oversees the distribution of funds voluntarily donated by EMC Members to the Cobb EMC Roundup program. In 2014 the Cobb EMC Community Foundation distributed over $500,000 to worthy causes.