Bill Boyle Platform


Bill Boyle-cropBill Boyle has been a Cobb EMC member since 1995 when he moved into his East Cobb neighborhood with his wife, Nina, daughters Kelly and Molly, and son Matt. Bill is a graduate of Wilkes University, and has held various leadership positions in Georgia at Pacific Corporation and BlueLinx Corporation. Bill has consulted for small and large corporations, and, along with two partners, has owned and managed small businesses.


  • Focus Cobb EMC on value creation for the membership
  • Protect and expand the Members’ “Bill Of Rights”
  • Add more executive experience to the board
  • Enact needed reforms uncovered in the forensic audit
  • Lead Cobb EMC to have the lowest cost to serve, and the lowest rates
  • Encourage rotation of board members to bring in new ideas and experience, and prevent the relationship of board and management from becoming intertwined and self-serving


William Boyle Biography

  • Was a founding partner of LaSalle Consulting.
  • Has over 33 years of industry business experience in sales logistics, strategic planning, project control, change management and executive leadership.
  • Is a proven performer at maximizing profits and setting strategic paths for growth.

Bill was one of the primary executive sponsors leading the Georgia Pacific restructuring of its distribution division in the mid 1990’s. This was one of the largest restructuring projects in corporate America up until that time. Bill took a decentralized branch structure of 133 facilities with local management and procurement and turned it into a centralized organization with sales, procurement, and administrative functions located in Atlanta and 63 logistics facilities strategically spread over the United States.

In 2001 Bill became the Vice President of the Northeast region for Georgia Pacific/BlueLinx Corporation. He was responsible for 7 logistics facilities (Portland ME, Bellingham MA, Newtown CT, Burlington VT, Pittsburgh PA, Buffalo NY, and Akron OH). All logistic, sales, and procurement functions reported up to Bill. With Bill’s leadership and logistics expertise the Northeast region went from a loss position in 2000 to over a 3.6 % net in 2004. Specialty sales, a key strategic objective, went from 36% of revenue to over 61% in 2006. Bill was also involved in the initial discussions with acquisition candidates at BlueLinx. His involvement helped develop a robust pipeline for the M&A group. Bill was instrumental in implementing several logistic measurement and cost reduction processes that helped achieve significant reduction in logistics costs for GP/BlueLinx. In addition he helped develop a customer and product profitability model that helped significantly increase the overall profitability of the business.

In 2007 Bill and two partners formed BBD Corporation, a holding company created to purchase small businesses. BBD Corporation purchased Quality Fabricators in late 2007, a contract manufacturer and distributor of garment handling equipment. Bill was one of the two managing partners until he sold his interest in 2014.

Earlier in his career, Bill had a variety of positions with ever increasing responsibility which included branch management, commodity trading, commodity buying, territory management, and industrial sales representation. Bill graduated Wilkes University, Wilkes-Barre, PA, Magna cum Laude.