2016 Election Results

The 2016 Cobb EMC elections were completed at the Annual Meeting at Jim R. Miller Park on September 17, 2016. Cobb EMC Forum is disappointed that both challengers to the District 4 Director seat were defeated by incumbent David McClellan. The Forum congratulates all three incumbents for their reinstatement as Directors and looks forward to working with the entire Cobb EMC Board going forward.

Also, in an unfortunate result, the bylaw amendment proposed by Mark Hackett was defeated. While Mr. Hackett contended that the Board used a work around to erode the Members’ right to propose and approve bylaw amendments, his proposal to restore that right was defeated. It is important to note only 44.57% of the ballots voted against the bylaw amendment, so the Board’s action to limit this Member right has still not received the approval of a majority of voting Members.

2016 Director Election Voting Results

District 4

David McClellan, incumbent – 6,383   (55.46%)
Bill Boyle2,173   (18.88%)
Matt O’Donnell2,579   (22.41%)
Unexercised vote – 323   (2.81%)
Multiple Mark – 52   (0.45%)

District 5

Tripper Sharp, unopposed incumbent 9,432   (81.95%)
Unexercised vote 2,078   (18.05%)

District 8

Bryan Boyd, unopposed incumbent 9.473 (82.30%)
Unexercised vote 2,037   (17.70%)

2016 Bylaw Amendment Voting Results

Restore Member Rights to Propose/Approve Bylaw Amendments

Yes 4,683   (40.69%)         
No 5,130  (44.57%)    
Abstain 1,433    (12.45%)
Unexercised vote 259   (2.25%)
Multiple mark 5   (0.04%)

Cobb EMC Forum wishes to thank the over 11,000 Members who exercised their voice and voted in the 2016 elections. The Forum is hopeful that in the future an even greater percentage of the over 180,000 Members of Cobb EMC will exercise their right to vote. The Director elections were decided by as few as 1100 votes, less than 1% of Members eligible to vote.

Cobb EMC is not regulated by the Georgia Public Service Commission. The only oversight over the elected Board of Directors is provided by involved Cobb EMC Members. Staying informed and exercising your right to vote ensures that the corruption of the past will never be repeated at Cobb EMC.