2015 Election Results

Cobb EMC Forum is very pleased to report that all four proposed bylaw amendments presented to Members at the 2015 Cobb EMC elections were passed by Member vote. These amendments significantly enhance Member rights by (1) strengthening the Member Bill of Rights, (2) enhancing conflict of interest provisions for EMC Directors, (3) allowing Members to hear from candidates for Director and bylaw amendment sponsors at future annual meetings prior to the closing of voting and (4) insuring that all Director meetings where a quorum of Directors is present are open to Member attendance. Click here to see Cobb EMC Forum’s pre-election comments on the four bylaw changes.

Cobb EMC Forum was disappointed that the two non-incumbent candidates it endorsed were defeated by incumbents Kelly Bodner in District 3 and Eric Broadwell in District 9. The Forum congratulates all three incumbents for their reinstatement as Directors and looks forward to working with the entire Cobb EMC Board going forward.


2015 Director Election Voting Results

District 2

Rudy Underwood, incumbent – unopposed 9,173

District 3

Kelly Bodner, incumbent 6,891

James C. Hudson 3,635

District 9

Eric Broadwell, incumbent 5,750

Jackson Hartman 4,653

2015 Bylaw Amendment Voting Results

Amendment 1 – Strengthen Member Bill of Rights                         Yes 9,292    No 620

Amendment 2 – Enhanced Conflict of Interest Provisions              Yes 9,508    No 497

Amendment 3 – Speakers at Annual Meeting Prior to Voting         Yes 9,397    No 589

Amendment 4 – Open Meetings when Director Quorum Present   Yes 5,590    No 4,062


Cobb EMC Forum was particularly pleased with the results on Amendment 4, sponsored by Cobb EMC Forum president Mark A. Hackett, which provides for Member attendance at Board Committee Meetings whenever a quorum (5 or more) of Cobb EMC Directors is present. Such meetings will be treated as “Special Meetings” of the Board of Directors requiring a five day notice except in extreme circumstances. Members can stay apprised of those meetings by monitoring the Special Meetings notice page on the Cobb EMC website. The Board recommended a “NO” vote on this amendment in the voting materials sent to Members prior to the election, yet the Members voiced a strong desire for transparency by approving this amendment despite the Board recommendation. Cobb EMC Forum commends Director Tripper Sharp for being the sole Director to vote for transparency and in opposition to the rest of the Board regarding its recommendation to Members on this amendment.

On the other three bylaw amendments, the Board recommended a “YES” vote. Cobb EMC Forum commends the Board for working with Members and Cobb EMC Forum to draft and sponsor those amendments, all of which enhance Member rights and help to ensure that past corruption will never be repeated at Cobb EMC. The Board voted unanimously to recommend those bylaw amendments, except for District 9 Director Eric Broadwell, who in the July meeting voted against enhancing the Conflict of Interest provisions to prevent Directors from contracting with Cobb EMC affiliates and competitors.

Cobb EMC Forum wishes to thank the over 10,000 Members who exercised their voice and voted in the 2015 elections. The Forum is hopeful that in the future an even greater percentage of the over 180,000 Members of Cobb EMC will exercise their right to vote. The Director elections were decided by as few as 1100 votes, less than 1% of Members eligible to vote.

Cobb EMC is not regulated by the Georgia Public Service Commission. The only oversight over the elected Board of Directors is provided by involved Cobb EMC Members. Staying informed and exercising your right to vote ensures that the corruption of the past will never be repeated at Cobb EMC.